Traductores Asociados (Traduciados) is an innovative non-state company in Cuba offering seamless Spanish to English translations. Our specialty is quick, responsive, accurate and thoughtful translations, always performed and reviewed by native English speakers. We also offer a transparent and competitive approach to pricing, with payment facilities both inside and outside Cuba.

José Martí: Revolutionary, Writer, Thinker, Translator, Cuban

Whether we’re translating screenplays, academic texts or business contracts, we believe the original author’s idea is paramount. It should never be lost nor should the reader’s attention be diverted by awkward phrasing. Cuba’s national hero José Martí – an eloquent translator himself among so many other things – understood and captured this perfectly as the art of “trans-thinking.”

Traduciados is connected locally and internationally to a broad network of fellow writers and translators, offering a deep pool of resources for consultation and review. If your interest lies in another language pair besides Spanish/English, we can recommend many capable translators, professionally trained and legally licensed to translate documents for private clients.